It would appear so.
I noticed a few days ago that around half of my June archives are gone, and have been considering what to do about it. Today, I find links from a number of sources including Sullivan, that suggest there’s something far more sinister than a corrupted file going on here.

Apparently, the targets are blogs who support our actions in Iraq, and those who support the President. No shock, I suppose, since such people as would benefit from such attacks have always lacked something i the maturity department, in my view.  I’m starting to think I should be doing a backup blog somewhere. I may do that, as part of the new system which I’m thinking of putting up about 1/1/04. (more on that later) Certainly, I’ve written enough to tee off the idiots…

Meanwhile, here’s the link to the story, on Winds of Change, who took the time to explain what kind of attack they were under.

And here’s a statement of responsibility for the attacks

This stuff isn’t just playtime, folks. This is a battle for the hearts and minds of America and the world.
It’s one they won’t win. They attack us because they know the only hope they have is disinformation, or at least limiting the real information’s flow.

Rather like the Democrats.

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