Well, it’s looking like I’m not the only one who finds the current series a yawner.
Drudge is reporting a 15 share for the 2nd game. This is much lower than we’d have seen, for say, a Cubbies/Bosox series.

The message to the Broadcasters and to MLB is quite clear: The Yankees are bad for business.
But MLB won’t listen…. Steinbrenner has far too much hold on MLB. (If that wasn’t the case, explain to me how he’s there at all.. Anyone else would have been removed from baseball ownership altogether, not simply suspended, for his infractions!!!)

And the Broadcasters don’t have a choice; they’re forced to eat what MLB feeds them. And we the fans, on the bottom of this multi-level outhouse…. well, you get the idea.  Do I sound annoyed? Good, it’s what I intend.

This monopoly by the NY thugs is killing baseball. You think otherwise? Tell the Brewers. Tell the Twins. Tell the Indians. Tell the Giants. Tell the ‘Jays… And, Tell the Expos. See what THEY have to say in the matter.

Explain to me how their team not having a chance in hell of winning, before the season even begins, doesn’t effect the team’s attendance figures, and so their bottom line, and thereby the future of baseball itself.

Steinbrenner has established he can buy enough mercenaries to get the job done. Is that the entire game? Well, I guess we’ve established it is, today. But I suppose the question then, is, SHOULD it be? The answer, for my part is ‘no’.

Are you listening, Mr. Seleg?

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