A wonderful bit of writing today from Boortz; here’s a part:

Do these Democrats recognize that they are in fact giving aid and comfort to the enemy with their campaign tactics?  Of course they do.  They know full well that Islamic terrorist leaders are licking their beards at the prospect of another Democrat in the White House.  Democrats see this as a price America should pay to have Democrats regain their rightful place in the seat of power.  The Islamic terrorist leaders understand the Democratic culture, even if many American voters don’t.  They experienced it for eight years with Bill Clinton as president.  During those eight years it was a lot of words and a few cruise missiles, but little else from America.  Bill Clinton wouldn’t even take bin Laden when he was offered up on a silver platter!  Why would the terrorists think it would be any different under Dean, Kerry, Edwards or Clark?

He goes on from there. Worth a read.

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