Look, say what you will about Pedro Martinez, I’ll likely agree with you. But I have a hard and fast rule in my life… If you come after me in a threatening manner, I don’t care WHO you are, you’re going to be on the ground looking up and wondering what the hell happened. I was a DJ for 30 years… and over that time I’ve played enough tough dives and seen my share of such nonsense. I’ve always reacted the same way. You come after me, don’t be planning on walking away without a limp, if you’re walking at all.  It’s called the right to self-defense, and it’s the consequences you deal with when you move to attack me. It’s that simple.  I don’t expect anything less from anyone else.

with that in mind, then, the question, both from a legal and a moral perspective is as regards whose fault the brawl becomes, “Who threw the first punch?”  The answer is Zimmer, and he got what he deserved.  There was *no* provocation that would justify the kind of attack he tried to pull on Martinez. The excuses the Thugs front office tried to float about it being Pedro’s fault, didn’t.

And of course the Bronx Thugs weren’t done, yet. Not satisfied that they were already being properly labeled as thugs by the press and the fans, they then commenced later in the game to pull fans out of the stands for a little free facial re-alignment. Nice guys, these Yankees, huh?

This all strikes me as a group of people who have for too long maintained a position of self-labeled royalty, and are now finding that position under threat and are reacting with intimidation tactics.  We know the Baseball commissioner, Bud Selig, isn’t going to step in… not in any really serious way. We’ll see some small fines (small in comparison to what these people get paid) and it’ll all go away.  And of course the biggest fines will end up in the Boston player’s laps. Watch, and see. This is a lock, gang. The Yankee Org holds far too much sway with *them* to be taken to task for this thuggery by MLB.  The Yankees have a long history of this kind of nonsense.

Isn’t it time for the Law Enforcement community to react?  Zimmer should have been arrested on the spot, his faking injury not withstanding, and charges should be laid against the thugs in the Yankee Bullpen that night.

If MLB wasn’t in the pocket of the Yankee ownership as they have been for the last two commissioners, they’d step in and declare the CS forfeit to Boston for NY’s thuggery. Do I sound annoyed? Good. I am. This coddling the Yankees is exactly why MLB is seeing a declining following.

Are you listening, Mr. Selig?

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