According to reports I’m seeing, the DNC-Funded leftist hate group, International A.N.S.W.E.R. is planning a their usual hatefest Saturday, October 25, in DC.

According to their website, they plan on marching past the White House right up to the Pentagon to protest American ‘occupation’,imperialism’ and the usual list of crap. The usual suspects are listed as speakers, of course. It’s a sure bet that the so-called mainstream media is going to pitch this as if this loudmouthed minority can be taken as proof that the American public opinion as a whole is turning against our mission in Iraq.

But many groups are already planning on showing up and shouting them down.
Last time the DNC in the form of ANSWER tried this (Last February in SanFran… here’s some pics of the leftists being put back into their place) they basically got shut down by counter protestors. Given what I see going on around the net, it’ll be more of this same this time.

But the question remains, which group will the press cover? A look at the pics, vs a look at what the media wrote the SanFran event up as, should give us a clue. Unbiased press, my butt.

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