The Whining and gnashing of teeth has begun in the national media.  They’re screaming about the Republicans having turned over an election.

Bustamante slaims Prop 54 was the most critical part of last night.
McCauluffe is saying the voters were taking it out on Davis.
The far left on USEnet is screaming the Republicans have stolen the election.

Are these people on the same planet?

Their problem with this argument…. and I wish I could see someone in the national media actually have the testicular fortitude to say this to one of these liars… California is an overwhelmingly Democrat state. The Republicans most certainly did not and do not have the kind of power an election ‘overturning’ would require. They needed an overhwhelming number of Democrats to vote with them to do it.

The Democrats lost. Not only did they loose, they got embarrassed, bigtime… and the numbers as they get more and more final, keep getting more one-sided…

All this in spite of having the usual Clintonite brass, including Bubba himself, McCauluffe, and Hollywood behind them, to say nothing of a corrupt press… the LA TIMES for example…  Or was it BECAUSE they had all that working with them? That’s the question the DNC is going to have to deal with, and I doubt they’ll be able to spin this one away…. though it should be amusing to watch them continue to try.

Interesting wrinkle, and I’m not sure what to make of this yet; Did you notice that Arnold had more Democrats on stage during his acceptance speech, than Davis had on his for his 20 minute long whine?

And what of the rumors of a recall attempt against Arnold after, say 100 days or so? While I have no doubt some of the Democrats will try, I wonder how much traction it will get, given the overwhelming nature of the number of voters turning out against the Democrats…. even among their own party.

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