Boortz, this morning:


As the Democrats continue to hammer their “Bush lied, Bush lied” theme, bit by bit the real story is coming out.

First we have this insistence on the part of Democrats that Bush told the American people that Saddam Hussein was directly tied to the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  An editorial writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer made just such an assertion, and then was challenged by a reader to back it up.  The editorial writer took the challenge, did the research, and then wrote a column in which he admitted that Bush had never, in fact, made any such statement.
Democrats are also fond of saying that Bush’s claims that there was a connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda was a lie.  Looks like the democrats are going to have to eat some crow on that one too.  A recent issue of an independent Baghdad newspaper contains an interview with a former Iraqi army officer who talked about the presence of Al Qaeda terrorists in training camps in Iraq. 

“They were a mixture of Arabs, Arabs from the Peninsula [Saudi Arabia], Muslim Afghans, and other Muslims from various parts of the world. They were divided into two groups, the first one went to Al-Nahrawan and the second to Salman Pak, and this was the group that was trained to hijack airplanes. The training was under the direct supervision of major general (M. DH. L) [only identified by initials] who now serves as a police commander in one of the provinces. Upon the completion of the training most of them left Iraq, while the others stayed in the country through the last battle in Baghdad against the coalition forces. 
“On April 5, 2003 orders were issued to send these individuals to the battle front immediately. About 100 of them were sent to the 11th company division in Nasiriya. And for the sake of history I will say that this division’s endurance was due to some formidable fighters, the commanding officer and members of Al-Qa’ida who fought with intensity and brutality that are seldom matched, while they were praising Allah.”

This report will be largely ignored by Democrats.  They don’t want the truth to get in the way of their lie or their drive to return to their rightful position of power in Washington.

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