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By Jeff Gannon
Talon News
October 10, 2003

WASHINGTON (Talon News) — Denouncement of a racial slur against Indian-American Republican Bobby Jindal began to mount on Thursday after an exclusive Talon News report of an offensive memo sent by College Democrats president Ashley Bell. In a message distributed to his organization’s membership he called Louisiana’s gubernatorial candidate “Bush’s ‘Do Boy’.” He also accused the Republican party of “tokenism”.

Additionally, Bell inaccurately referred to Jindal as “Arab American”, when in fact, the Republican is the American-born son of Indian immigrants. In a subsequent message, he corrected his misidentification of Jindal’s ethnic background, but did not retract his offensive epithets.

Bell did not respond to Talon News requests for comment, but a representative of the College Democrats contacted Talon News Thursday to discover the source of the memo. That official also offered no comment about the memo’s content.

Sen. Tom Daschle (D-SD), the group’s honorary chairman, did not respond to Talon News request for comment about the offensive remarks.

The organization’s Executive Director, Stephanie Sanchez contacted Talon News late Thursday to say, “Ashley’s comments aren’t reflective of the Democratic Party,” but indicated that she had not spoken with the CDA leader.

Kapil Sharma, an Indian-American and a Democrat told Talon News, “If that’s what a token candidate is, I’ll go out and support token candidates.” He continued, “A token candidate would not have the impressive credentials that Jindal has.”

Sharma added, “For us as Democrats to play the race card goes against everything we stand for.”

Jason Hebert, Executive Director of the Louisiana Republican party told Talon News, “It’s ridiculous to make race an issue. It goes against everything Bobby stands for. We’re going to focus on the positive aspects of his campaign over the next 5 weeks.”

Lt. Governor Kathleen Blanco’s campaign did not respond to a Talon News request for comment.

Christine Iverson, a spokesperson at the Republican National Committee told Talon News, “This is completely unacceptable and inappropriate, but indicative of the kind of personal attacks Democrats have been launching against Republican candidates all over the country.”

Text of the CDA memo:

We have less than a month before we convene in New Orleans at the biggest CDA Campaign Invasion in History. Registration has already exceeded South Dakota and our numbers are ahead of last years convention this far out to the event.

On Saturday – we nominated Kathleen Blanco the Lt. Governor to be our nominee to take on Bush’s personal “Do Boy” Bobby Jindal. Jindal is Arab American and the Republicans token attempt to mend bridges long burnt with the Arab American community. With your help Blanco will be the first women Governor of Louisiana an already rarity for the Deep South. Blanco is a great example of our Parties ability to nominate great candidates without bowing to tokenism.

She fought off tooth and nail the southern good ole boy network in our own Party to pull together a winning coalition of women and minorities to place her on the verge of history.

The Lt. Governor is counting on us! As Jindal calls in the Bushes – she is calling on us the progressive foot soldiers of the Democratic Party – to take it to Bush and show Republicans what can happen when College Democrats get mobilized! Its not too late to sign up for the invasion – but because of overwhelming reservations we had to move hotels to the La Quinta Inn on the West Bank – a great location down town that can accommodate our entire army of activists. Details and directions to the new location will be on the website shortly – no price change what so ever.

Get excited – Less than a month to GO!!

See you in Bayou!!

Ashley D. Bell

CDA President

Text of CDA correction:

College Dems –

I love the energy we all put into being politically correct – it keeps us all on our toes. In a recent email describing the Republican Nominee in Louisiana Bobby Jindal, I used what local news has termed Arab American – But in Fact Indian American is the politically correct terminology.

So thank you to the curteous college dems – who let us know of the terminology mix up. We in no way meant to offend anyone and aplogize for any offense if taken.

Secondly – The hotel address to the La Quinta on the West Bank will be posted ASAP and there will not be any increase in charges – we are actually working to include Friday’s meal! Stay tuned!


Ashley Bell

CDA President

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