Interesting write-up from Jimmy Walker, on Limbaugh / ESPN, this morning.

Money lines:

Here are a couple more stories that those attacking Rush would like you not to know about the role of racial politics and double standards in professional sports.

Kordell Stewart is a Black quarterback formerly with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and now with the Chicago Bears. After a few sub-par seasons the Steelers suggested that Stewart switch to either running back or wide receiver. Mr. Stewart refused. Fearing the team would be perceived as racist, the Steelers said nothing and did nothing.

Stewart was eventually beaten out for the job by a White quarterback.

Yet, Eric Crouch, a white quarterback from the University of Nebraska and a Heisman Trophy winner, was drafted into the NFL. His team asked him to be a wide receiver or defensive back. He said, “No” — and never played in the NFL, “opting” instead to retire at twenty-two.

Like the odor of a dead skunk, Affirmative Action has floated its way into the NFL.

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