The exit polls usually don’t say very much. However in this case they’re so universally for the recall, and for Arnold, I’d say barring any more last minute tricks by the Democrats, it’s all over. Frankly, the turnout was larger than I figured it would be. As a result the absentee ballots won’t be able to swing the vote to the Democrats in any event, which was the only chance I ever saw for a delay of outcome.

The only mystery left is what the Democrats will do now. A lot of THAT depends on how they see the raw numbers. It’s interesting; the early comments are that the voting public hasn’t turned out in numbers like this in many years, even for a Presidential election. Assuming Arnie wins tonight, this turnout can only mean that my original comments were correct; even the Democrat voters are motivated to get rid of GreyOut Davis. The early numbers show that nearly 70% of the voters either voted for Arnold, or for Tom McClintock. Talk about your ground shifting!!!

The early comments I saw from the DNC Chair was pure spin. He claims people are angry at EVERONE, not just the idiots the DNC has been coughing up, and that the President will taste that anger as well. Personally, I doubt it. He’s trying to ignore this is yet another major DNC defeat under his watch.

The next few months in California will be very telling. Expect to see a lot of roadblock tactics from the Democrats out there, should Arnie take this one. If they pull that garbage long enough, and we do a good job of telling people the truth about it, Californians will likely toss the Democrats out of their legislature, as well. And remember the electoral votes of the nation’s largest state, hmmm?

And McClintock? He’ll run for the Senate, I’ve little doubt.
Oh, yeah, this will be sweet.

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