National Review Online columnist Deroy Murdock reports that may be happening soon.

“Greenpeace has devised a system for diverting tax-exempt funds and using them for non-exempt — and oftentimes illegal — purposes,” Hardiman said in unveiling the grievance. “It’s a form of money laundering, plain and simple.”

Concurrent with its IRS filing, PIW released a report titled “Green-Peace, Dirty Money: Tax Violations in the World of Non-Profits.” The ten-page paper details PIW’s claim that Greenpeace Fund, Inc. directed $24 million in tax-exempt contributions into Greenpeace, Inc.’s non-exempt programs during tax years 1998, 1999 and 2000. According to the most recent tax returns available for both groups, in 1999, Greenpeace, Inc.’s total revenues equaled $14.2 million. “Of this amount, $4.25 million (or 30 %) came from Greenpeace Fund, Inc.,” PIW’s report states.

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