Did anyone else watch the loser Democrats debate each other last night? I was in the mood for a little fantasy based comedy, so I tried it.

Before I fell asleep, a few things I noticed;

How many times John Kerry reminded us all, (With a sanctimonious flair of his nostrils) that he’s served in Vietnam. One must needs ask the question; what the beep would this guy be running on, had he not done so? He’s clearly in trouble, and knows it. Will someone please explain to me how having served in what most Democrats regard as an illegal immoral and totally unjustified war against socialism, can score any points with said Democrats?

Same question could be asked of the one of the bigger problems Kerry has… Bozo the Clark, who is now also is losing his grip. The waffling on Iraq didn’t help. Being a general, the war was the only thing he ever brought to the table, anyway.  Other, of course than he’d been fired by the Pentegon… Always a plus for a liberal. And of course the idea that he led the bombing campaign in Kosovo… a country that posed no threat whatever to the US, an attack which was without the UN’s authorization. (Funny how the leftists fail to mention this)
Clark is history, having ticked both sides of the isle off.

Then of course there’s Dean… the only Democat besides Bill Clinton who can play Doctor without being removed from office over it.  Aside from his usual mantra about George Bush, he’s still borderline on on his open support of terorists. With his statements about how we shouldn’t take sides in the Israel – PLO conflicts, and calling the terrorists ‘soldiers’, it’s clear he has no clue on the Military. or on reality in the middle east… which makes him marginally worse than the aforementioned Kerry and Clark, but possibly more popular among the know-nothigs.

Bob Graham was noteably absent, apparently not being able to steal enough money to continue his campaign. (Well, isn’t the Democrats claim to fame that if you’ve got money, you stole it, unless the government gave it to you?)

All this puts an interesting wrinkle in Hillary’s plans. Her stalking horse isn’t doing so well, anymore… and California is now no longer a lock for the Democrats, given Arnold the other day, which changes the dynamic for everyone, particularly her.  It’ll be mildly amusing to see what she does.

The rest were about what I expected, too. All of them complaining about President Bush’s handling of the Economy.

To listen to them, you’d think they hadn’t been watching the economy; the picture they paint is a vastly different one from reality. ..  NYSE is up around 32%… NASDAQ by nearly 70% last I looked. Productivity numbers are going through the roof and the unemployment numbers are dropping steadily.  But to listen to the idiots trying to get you to vote for them last night, you’d think we were still in the middle of the great depression.

Of course Iraq was on their complaint list too, and this was just about the time I dropped off. Only so much fantasy I can deal with for one night.

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