I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon about this White House Leak business because I doubted it happened. It just didn’t ring true. Turns out, I was right. Wilson made all this up, out of whole cloth. Matter of fact, given Wilson’s status as a ‘good’ Democrat, I’d not be overly shocked to hear he outted his own wife to get back at the president for ousting the Democrats.

Wilson says:
“In one speech I gave out in Seattle not too long ago, I mentioned the name Karl Rove,” he said. “I think I was probably carried away by the spirit of the moment. I don’t have any knowledge that Karl Rove himself was either the leaker or the authorizer of the leak. But I have great confidence that, at a minimum, he condoned it and certainly did nothing to shut it down.”

Translation: I have to admit I lied, but I still stand by my statements, even though I have no proof whatever.
Wilson has revealed himself as what I took him for in the first place; a contemptable excuse for a human being.

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