I think it’s pretty clear that “environmentalists” are wrong on their deadly anti-human extremism. Seems one of their own has figured this ou, when Dianne Feinstein comes out publicly and supports President Bush.

Feinstein, D-Calif., came out on the floor of the Senate last night to urge passage of the Presdient’s Healthy Forests Restoration Act.  All the pandering from the Democrats of the enviro wackos like the Sierra club and Earth First and so on, has finally come home to roost for the people of California. Is there any question, that the severity of these wildfires would have been reduced if proper forest management policies had been followed, instead of leaving all of this dry tinder standing… for the Kangarroo rat?

Boortz points out in yesterday’s post:

“It is the eco-radicals who have prevented thinning of these very areas that are burning.  The environmentalists protested and fought, the areas that were to be thinned remained clogged with fuel for wildfires, and 1,000 homes burn.

Here’s something else you might not remember.  In 2000, which, by the way, was an election year, Tom Daschle added a little amendment to a defense spending bill.  That amendment exempted logging interests in Sough Dakota from restrictive environmental regulations that prevented thinning of forests and wooded areas that could be threatened by wildfires.  The amendment also excepted South Dakota loggers from lawsuits by the environmental crowd.  The environmentalists didn’t so much as raise an eyebrow .. not even the Sierra Club.  And why not?  Because Daschle is a liberal Democrat .. and environmentalism isn’t so much about our environment as it is about conservative vs. liberal politics. I wonder how many environmentalists homes have been lost in California in the last week”

Quietly, Fienstein has been getting the message.
“With the drought, the devastation caused by the bark beetle and the dangerous buildup of dry tinder and undergrowth, I feared that California could face a devastating season of wildfires. Sadly, that seems to be happening now,”
No kidding, you snivelling idiot.

And why do I call the Enviro-wacko crowd anti-human? Hows this? Due to their demands being followed, in this case, we have 20 people, and around 1000 homes so far, and higher tolls by the time you read this.

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