I didn’t hear it myself, but reportedly, Limbaugh said publicly today he is addicted to pain meds.
Good for him.  Apparently, he’ll be off for rehab. Again, good for him. Unlike so many, he’s willing to face the issue and deal with it.

Be prepared for the leftists who have been trying to make Pot legal etc, to leap into this fray, and alongside them, the ones who’ve spent years trying to tear the man down. The comparison holds not a drop of water, in my view.

Thing is, there’s a major difference between someone becoming addicted to a pain med incidental to said meds being prescribed for a genuine need, and someone doing it for ‘kicks’. The former is a victim. The latter is a criminal.
There will be some who won’t understand that difference…. Who won’t WANT to understand the difference.

It should be pointed out that this info was being held in someone’s hip pocket at the smear rags, for just the right moment… What I referred to a few days ago as ‘carpet bombing’. Limbaugh, by his actions today defused that situation utterly.

Like millions of Americans, I’m looking forward to Rush’s return.

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