Geeeeezzzz… there’s that word again… not heard since Ultra-Leftist Mario Cuomo found himself on the losing end of a govenor’s race up here in NY, and was forced to carry Bill Clinton’s fetid water for him….. “Gravitas”. It’s interesting that when this word comes up, it’s used to reference people to whom by definition, it most certainly does NOT apply.

This time, it was uttered by John Kerry, defending his use of his being in Vietnam to gain votes…. against John…. I mean Howard, sorry….. Dean.

Dean’s camp has apparently discovered that Kerry is vulnerable for the reasons I already discussed in this space, where I noticed at the debate…

…how many times John Kerry reminded us all, (With a sanctimonious flair of his nostrils) that he’s served in Vietnam. One must needs ask the question; what the beep would this guy be running on, had he not done so? He’s clearly in trouble, and knows it. Will someone please explain to me how having served in what most Democrats regard as an illegal immoral and totally unjustified war against socialism, can score any points with said Democrats?

I have to wonder what Clark’s camp will respond; the uniform being all that Clark ever brought to the table, in the first place. He’d be wise, politically speaking to stand back and watch. Question is, will he?

Dean, who as I said at the time, is still supporting terrorists, apparently feels some rightious liberal discomfort about someone actually holding military service up as an example to he followed. Unless of couse, they’re fighting for Usama BinLaden.

I swear, all the Republicans are going to need to do is stand back and watch them bloody each other. THe woldcard,here is Hitlery.

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