Copy of a note to Boortz, this morning: I doubt he’ll even see it.

First time I’ve disagreed with you enough to take the time to write.

You say, in this morning’s show notes:

“What’s the deal here?  You’re celebrating (as you should) Rush’s decision to seek treatment.  If this is such a good option for Rush (and it is) then why isn’t it a good option for some sap from the inner city who succumbs to neighborhood peer pressure and gets hooked on drugs?”

The answer is simple.

There’s a major difference between someone becoming addicted to a pain med incidental to said meds being prescribed for a genuine need, and someone doing it for ‘kicks’.  The former is a victim. The latter is a criminal.  There will be some who won’t understand that difference…. Who won’t WANT to understand the difference. I would have hoped you weren’t one of them. apparently, I misjudged you. You’re often right, Neil, but on this one you’re dead wrong.

This is not a matter of defending Limbaugh; I doubt he needs it. However, as a libertarian, you’re aiming at personal responsability… And I understand and respect this. But that idea, that concept, assumes that the person is making an informed choice. So, tell me; do you really expect the average person to be able to make informed choices about such matters?, particularly when the person is in a great degree of pain?

Sorry, I can’t see it.

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