So says a Niagara Falls tabloid owner. The paper, the Niagara Falls reporter, a paper known for it’s left-leaning, apparently printed an editorial (In reality it prints little else) in which the paper’s owner, one Mike Hudson, wrote in a reply to a reader, that “I hope that bastard gets over his addiction and dies from cancer of the balls.”

Apparently, Hudson was interviewed by WABC on Sunday and asked to explain himself. The reported response was that he was simply doing as Limbaugh would do… and cited Jerry Garcia and Kurt Cobain. Hudson, you see, hasn’t figured out there’s a difference between the so-called recreational drugs and something prescribed for pain.

In any event, when pressed for an example of someone Limbaugh had wished dead, Hudson was unable to reply.
This is just a small time leftist, running his smear rag and trying to drum up sales.

Hey, Mike; I’ve got a suggestion for ya; if sales are the issue, how about printing actual news? What I see in your paper doesn’t qualify.

Editors note: After the fact, I’ve been given the editorial written by the WABC host who interviewed this slimeball.
You’ll find it of interest.

Tip of the Hat to Terry Pearson over at Rightpoint

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