Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2003
VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad, acting as his own lawyer, withdrew a request today that might have allowed him to introduce mental health evidence at sentencing to convince a jury to spare his life.

Acting as his own lawyer? A sure fire way to become a martyr to whatever cause he’s following, I think.

Does anyone see a similarity between this and the Long Island case involving Colin Ferguson? It’s all looking strangely alike.  And of course, like Ferguson before him, Muhammad pulls out the race card…. asking a witness, “Was it because we was black that you remember us?”

Are we going to see ‘Black Rage”, a defense used by Ferguson’s Slimeball mouthpeice, Kunsler, being used again, here?
Or perhaps “Muslim Rage”?

BTW, I’m still not convinced the DC Sniper wasn’t somehow related, if in a secondary way, to the Muslim nutcases world wide.

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