I wrote about one aspect of this, a short time back, in respect to Mel Gibson’s new movie.
Of course I caught hell for it. But the proof of my points keeps piling up….

I noticed this feed from the UK this morning, (and apparently, Boortz, who I read daily, noticed it too)

The European Union’s elite are determined to destroy Europe’s Christian heritage, Italy’s reform minister, Umberto Bossi said yesterday.

Then there’s Ann Coulter:

“In an emerging scandal, NBC News has produced tapes proving beyond deniability that the new deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence is … a Christian.”

Well, gang… we’ve identified the issue. Will we attack the anti-Christian movement as such, or will we sit back and let ourselves be dissolved in the name of ‘diversity’?

Let’s remember; The Communist Chinese are trying to do the same thing that both the Islamofascists and the American Left are attempting; Eradicate Christianity.

Question is, will we let them?

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