John Hawkins over at RightWingNews makes note of the DU going even farther out into the weird zone with this gem:

On the downside, the Democratic Underground has a up a poll asking, “Did Bush Family Interests kill JFK?” Currently, 59 out of the 79 (75%) of people who have voted in this admittedly slanted poll have selected option 1, which is, “yes. Absolutely”.

On the upside, none of them have suggested that the “Bush Family Evil Empire” used a time machine, Illuminati connections, Hitler clones, or space based mind control rays to take out JFK. So I suppose that it could be worse…

It’s increasingly clear the tinfoil hats they’re issuing at the DNC meetings aren’t of a heavy enough gauge.

A worthly block, is his. I’ll be adding it to my list shortly.

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