Those in Rochester will have a fuller understanding of this situation than will the rest. The mayor of Rochester, a Democrat, hasn’t liked a local talkshow host for some time now, and finally got at the guy.  For all of the complaints about the politics of personal destruction, this animal seems to engage in it. I responded last night, to the talkshow host:

9/30/03 9:53 PM by bithead – Rochester
Bob; First off, let me introduce myself as a former radio person; I spent about 15 years in the business, and from that angle I can speak to what you’re going though with perhaps more authority than most who will read your comments. I will not, though, beyond saying those feelings are genuine.

I WILL, however, point out that I tend to agree with what you told Dave McK the other day. Yes, you got stupid. You provided the idiots a target. But they too were guility in that they took on a target of opportunity. It’s called a ‘cheap shot’

And this is not the first time that Johnson and Goff, and that ilk have done so. Need I remind anyone, really?

Check the column I wrote some time ago regarding Trent Lott, wherein I quote the Chronic Democrat article:

(Start quote)

Make no mistake; this was planned from the get-go. Evidence for this, comes right from my own hometown in Rochester NY, where the attack pattern of the Democrats is all too clearly established. The executive of Monroe County, Jack Doyle is suffering much the same fate as Lott. I’ve met Jack Doyle, and can tell you from even that minimal understanding, that the man is no racist. 

I’ll post a little of this article, because the D&C is not known for keeping stories online for a long time, apparently having some kind of space issue on their servers.

More or less from the Article: (edits added to clarify for non-locals)

The comment in question was published Monday in a list of quotes (the Republican) Doyle and (the Democrat Rochester City) Mayor William Johnson . made about their frosty relationship and about governing. Doyle said: “If there was a mayor that looked like me, it would be a whole different landscape.”

During the interview, Doyle was asked whether he meant it as a racial issue, but said “No” and responded, “If there was a Republican mayor, there would be no end to it. Do you know what this city needs? It needs a Republican mayor to go in there and clean the bureaucrats out and straighten this city out. This city is disassembling, it’s deteriorating. And I live in the city.” Doyle is on record as commenting later: “Any crass political effort to twist these comments into a racially charged statement is entirely inaccurate and can only be explained as partisan politics at their very worst,”

(I strongly advise you visit the D&C site, paying particular attention to the investigative links at the bottom of that web page… as long as it lasts.)

The pattern here is too obvious to ignore… after years of there being no worries about racial discrimination from the left, now suddenly, there’s a national crisis? The tming of this is questionable at best.

Forgive me, but this is obviously a co-ordinated effort.. The Democrats have shown their hand… they will play the race card in this is desperate effort to steal power again, by any means they can… in this case dealing the race card they’ve been holding up their sleeve…. The card they won’t play against their own racists, black, white, or whatever.

(end quote)

Full link:

I must say, that of all the participants involved with this, I’m most greatly disappointed by WHAM. After years… decades in fact of faithful listenership, I cannot bring myself to listen to the place anymore.

Not accepting of ‘diversity’, they said? First of all, the diversity of Goff and Johnson, clearly, is a choice lockstep or suffering what, ironicly, Bill Clinton called the politics of personal destruction.

And WHAM is a party to that, now. They had a choice and made the wrong one. I will not be a party to that, even in the second hand. As such, I am no longer a Clear Channel listener.

I would also ask voters in Monroe County to consider carefully Maggie Brooks. Johnson, with this stunt, to say nothing of the one I listed above, has proven himself unworthy of serious consideration by the fair minded. As to your future, Bob; Have you considered speaking with Allen? Yeah, OK, not the best situation, but…. (Shrug)

I wish you luck.

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