Just in case anyone thinks it’s only the states where the press is tilted to the left…

An interesting writeup in the Toronto Star today. Apparently, the girlfreind of former Ontario Premier Mike Harris is in the process of going htough a rather nasty court fight with her ex… and what do you know… all this ends up in the paper, with Harris’ picture right up front and center. Read the article and tell me… can you imagine a liberal or an NDP pol being ‘covered’ this way by the STAR?

And check this act:

Right under the link about Harris and his girl, is a story about a ‘liberal focus on the family’. The ocasion? Says the paper:

“Premier Dalton McGuinty’s swearing-in yesterday was a family affair, and he says families will also be the focus of his new Liberal government” (Full link for THAT bit of sunshine)

No… no liberal agenda HERE is there?
What a crock…

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