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Says the article:

“For 12 weeks, editorial page readers have learned a little bit about the human side of our presidential caucus candidates.

Our Caucus Q&A each Sunday defines each candidate in terms beyond position statements. They have divulged childhood experiences and influential teachers. In today’s installment, the candidates named their favorite comedy film.

Last Sunday, Howard Dean offered an unusually revealing answer.

The candidates were asked to complete this sentence: My closest living relative in the armed services is…?
Dean’s reply: “…my brother is a POW/MIA in Laos, but is almost certainly dead.”

Dean’s truthful answer provided an inaccurate response. His brother was never a member of the armed services.”

So, Dean lies.
But it gets better. This is a lie he’s already been called on in this space…. I’ve already done this one.

Which would mean after he’d been caught at it, he went right back to it. Oh, yeah, I want this guy to be president. Sure.

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