New York Post Online Edition: Dick Morris:

Hypocrisy in American politics at least provides material for humor. How else are we to view the attempts of Democratic Party leaders to circumvent the McCain-Feingold prohibition on the use of soft money in campaigns after their party insisted on its inclusion in the bill?

As the campaign-finance-reform bill went through Congress, Democrats demanded a ban on soft money donations to political parties. They succeeded in including it as the reform’s centerpiece.

But it turns out that Republicans are raising twice as much as Democrats are in hard money: $158 million for the GOP vs. $66.5 million for the Democrats. So the Democrats have resorted to a loophole in McCain-Feingold and worked to maximize soft money contributions to phony political committees, allegedly independent of the party apparatus and thus not covered by the soft money ban. “

This is going to be a major issue shortly, guys. The Democrats are feeling squeezed in their own trap, and are trying to skirt the law… the one THEY created. I’ll be shocked if we don’t see Democrats in jail for campaign violations at the end of the cycle.

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