I mentioned it in this week’s bit, but didn’t get into it a deeply as I might have.

What a contrast between Mr Bush and Hitlery; He goes over and heaps praise on the troups. In the feedback from them, we get nothing but thanks for his recognition.  Do you wonder why we don’t see anything in the way of feedback from the troups on Hitlery’s visit? Here’s why…

She said, in part to these troups “there are many questions at home about the (Bush) administration’s policies.”

Read that: “You’re doing wrong, but it’s not your fault.” Boortz gets it right on the money this morning, when he says:

” It’s one thing to question administration policies in a political setting.  It’s quite another for a politician to go before troops in a war zone and raise doubts about their mission and the actions of their commanding officer.  This is absolute typical Hillary Clinton.  This is a woman who never expressed anything but complete disdain for any man or woman in uniform … until, that is, it became politically expedient to become their proud supporter. “

And for all the bitching about Bush “using the military for photo ops” did Hitlery bring a camera crew with her?

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