I’ve said it before; Sullivan, usually so smart about things, gets downright stupid when it comes to homosexual activism. He pukes this one up today, that is really astonishing in it’s blatant stupidity:

www.AndrewSullivan.com – Daily Dish:

“The American ‘Family’ Association, a virulent anti-gay group, decided to hold an online poll in order to prove to members of Congress that the public was appalled at the idea that gay couples should have the right to marry the person they love. Then word got out and lots of people began to participate. Guess which side is winning …”

Andy, has apparently broken open his bottle of “stupid” pills this morning. This is breathtakingly dumb on his part.

The Homosexual groups have been watching places like this for a long while, waiting for an originzed attack on such things. They have a history… a LONG history of doing so. This is merely one more example of such. And Sullivan, being generally a smart guy, knows this. Here it is; I can think of no other path, than Sullivan passing off a lie as an indication of massive support for homosexual ‘marriage’.  It’s ca;lled self-justification in the face of overhwhelming opposition. Why has every other properly controlled poll ever taken on the matter, shown a massive support for blockage of homosexual ‘marriage’?

Yet, Sullivan trusts THIS as some kind of indication for his chosen behavior?

Sorry, Andy, this one doesn’t wash.

Clearly, you’re participarting in a lie, because you think the stated position benefits your homosexual activism and it’s POV. Tell us, Andy… how this is any different than the NYT passing along the lies it does because it benefits the liberal POV.

You oughta know better.

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