The Racist Tapestry of Lord of the Rings !

Yes, that’s right. He claims the movie is racist symbolism, since the heroes are white and the vilins are dark-skinned.

I post this dreck only as an example of how far out in left field these idiots are. If you wonder why there’s a culture war out there… or, for that matter if you doubt there is one, , or if you wonder what their motives are, one need only read this article. They are anti-anything western culture.

One of the worst examples:

“The reason that Western medicine has not advanced to the enlightened technological level as Chinese herbal medicine and why most Western technology is diametrically opposed to all life on this planet, poisoning our air and water and causing widespread disease and death is for the simple fact that the Freemasons and the Church have not yet let go of the death grip they have on each other’s throats. In other words, the enlightened knowledge that the church has attempted to destroy that the Freemasons attempted to save and capitalize on with Western patents has turned into a death struggle that has created destructive technological paradigms here in the West that are now being forced on the populations of the entire earth destabilizing life and bringing with them the pollution of the air and water that once existed only in Christendom.”

This is the kind of alleged thought processes we’re up against, people.

The Dog has this as well.

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