Ya know, if this was a trip Bill Clinton had aranged, the press would be giving it the Micheal Jackson treatment… inventing new angles just so they could keep it on the air for one more hour. But have you noticed? With the exception of a few measly offerings, it’s dropped off the wires.

Why? The reason’s simple enough; THey can’t manage to spin this one against the President, so they’ve simply pulled it. The rule apparently is if you can’t say something bad about Bush, don’t say anything at all.

Out of what has been coming back though, I find encouraging. The Democrats are trying witout success to label this merely a ‘photo-op’. There’s been a number of stories posted by reporters pissed because they didn’t manage to get invited… CNN, the Washington Post and the NY Times are a few examples. They complain that ‘we could have kept it secret’. forgetting apparently that their news orgs were responsible for leaking classified documents when it suited them, and making a federal case out of it, and suggesting that they were an international news org not an American one, and so owed America nothing. Remember that one? And they wonder why they weren’t let in one this one.

More as I think of it.

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