I admit I was half asleep when I heard the story this monring.  But the tale, as I recall it, goes:
FNC’s green room yesterday afternoon. Mort Kondrake is prepping for his early eveining gig on FNC, and Former Clinton Secratary of State Alrbright in the same room, getting ready for a different show. They strike up a conversation.
Allbright says words to the effect of: ” Do you supose that Bush has been holding BinLaden waiting for a politically good moment to tell us?”

They really do think this way, Gang. It’s like I said yesterday: They’ve lost their collectivist minds.
More on this as I manage to find it. It’s fairly early yet on the east coast, and not much is moving.

Update: The wires are now moving a claim from Allbright that she was just kidding.
Yeah, right. Fire getting a little hot, there, Maddie?

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