NEWSOM: ‘THE TIME FOR CHANGE IS HERE’ / CLOSE RACE: Gonzalez does well against Dems:

“Gavin Newsom, riding voter frustration with homelessness and fueled by nearly $4 million in campaign contributions, won election Tuesday as San Francisco’s 42nd mayor in a campaign viewed as a test of strength for the city’s dominant Democratic Party organization. “

Here’s an example of the press trying to promote leftist interests. This time though, they were forced by conditions into trying to play a line between the two candidates.  The far wacko green party lost to the Democrats, here.

News flash: This is not, as the article tries to convey, about how strong the Democrats are; this was a race between a tricycle and a riding lawnmower with spark plug trouble. Neither one is really very strong, it’s just that the greens were weaker.

Even 4 million in campaign money couldn’t make the people of SanFran stupid enough to vote the Green Party into Office. Do you think the press will actually say that?

How could they do that without causing problems with the Democrats, hmmm?

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