From Billy Beck’s TWO-FOUR this morning…: “‘I take offence to the word ‘beating’. These are trained strikes, and this is clearly not a ‘beating’.’That was Roger Webster — President, Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police — being a goddamned idiot in his remarks over the episode which resulted in the death Nathaniel Jones in police custody.”

Billy Beck seems to have found the wall on the wrong side of the bed this morning, by running into it with his forehead. It’s the only rational reason I can see for his objection. I’ll support him when he’s right and take him out when he’s wrong. He’s wrong on this one.

The bottom line is in both the cases he cites, the criminal resisted arrest and had a long history to endangering others in the process of that resitance.

And Billy… com’on, man…do you *really* still have doubts about the King case, given the number of times he’s been arrested and what he’s been convicted of, since his brush with fame?


A poll being condiucted by WKMG, the local TV station down there shows most people understand this situation better than Beck… at a rate of about 5 to 2. Read the story at the link.

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