Yeah, I know, it’s been kinda light in the blog. Here’s why:

I’m installing a new (to me) file and print server and getting it right. The biggest problem I have is getting this big ol’ Cisco router working right, so the server is hidden from the net, but not from the house computers.

I know….. “You need a server?”
Well, yes and no. I suppose I don’t need the SERVER, really. At the least, though, I need a LAN since I have several different computers here at the BitCave. A couple desktops for me, plus my laptop. (Plus another disktop running Red Hat Linux) Then, there’s a computer for my older boy, and one for my wife.

Of course they’re all running to the cable modem, too. But since server support is what I do, it’s nice to have one or two of my own servers, here, as well. One’s the main gun, the other for playtime. It makes supporting all the desktops easier for me, and gives me a central file backup system.

And, heck; Servers are cheap, if you buy the older ones. I don’t need bigtime fast, (And trust me, this isn’t) they just have to run, be fairly stable, and be fairly sizeable. The one I have was originally designed to service around 5000 people, around 6 years ago. I suppose it’s up to my smaller needs, even if it is a few years old.

But, it takes some time to get right. The big project this week is going to be getting the power into the server room upgraded. Only got 15 amps to there right now, and I think I’ll be needing more.

Anyway, that’s what’s occupying my time of late. It’ll be better in the end, though, for the blog and the column, too. More space and some automation of newsgathering, too.

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