Democrat pollster Mark Mellman has a column in “The Hill” newspaper headlined: “Beware: Bush Hatred is a Minority Taste.” Among other things, he writes that Democrats hate Bush, and that this hatred is driving the party’s primary – which will threaten the nominees ability to attract swing voters in 2004.

These thoughts are echoed word for word the same day by Susan Estrich.

You will recall I raised a question some weeks ago, asking if any of the Democrats after rushing headlong left, could bring it back far enough right in time to attract the non-partisan voters… or if they did, wouldn’t they be easy to defeat with Lexus/Nexus…

It appears some Democrats are waking up to the concept that the answer to both those questions are very unfavorable.

Of course, then the remaining question is, what else they can run against Mr. Bush ON…. and the answer, given the successes in Iraq, and the support of the American people to his policy there, the booming economy, and so on… and the answers there don’t look favorable for the Democrats, either….

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