The Dog’s got an excellent take on Pearl, as compared to today.

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler: Day of Infamy

Money lines:

When you remember 12/7/41, I want you to remember what we did to the bastards that attacked us. I want you to remember the resolve, determination and sacrifices in the years that followed, because THOSE were the factors that gave us victory.

Anger itself is worthless. Anger transformed into action, on the other hand, isn’t.

Our grandparents’ generation transformed their anger into action, and they STUCK WITH IT.

THEY didn’t allow their resolve to be watered down by defeatism, THEY didn’t throw the towel in the ring at the sight of the first setback, and THEY sure as Hell didn’t get all pissed off, then sat down to ponder if it was “all their own fault”.

THEY didn’t show up for a candle-lit vigil in the week after Dec. 7th, only to go home the next day to resume whatever they were doing on Dec. 6th, thinking that “they’d done their bit”.

They stuck with it, through 4 long years of struggle, staring the Devil in the eye, celebrating their victories and dealing with the defeats, never letting go of the throat of the monster until the monster was dead, shunning no sacrifice and, ultimately, doing whatever it took to win, no holds barred.

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