The Constitution in wartime – The Washington Times: Editorials/OP-ED

As is usual for Mr. Hentoff, he takes the far out libertarian view, which he claims supports Padilla. And as usual, with libertarians, he’s strong anti-patriot act.

But wait just a minute. This is not the tyrrany the left and the libertarians claim it is. As even Hentoff notes:

“We are nowhere near a state of tyranny.  The press is free. The civilian courts are open.”

Further, while Mr. Hentoff claims that…

“After being brought to the courts, the administration, still holding that view, claims that Congress’ Authorization for Use of Military Force joint resolution soon after Sept. 11 does give the president this authority over enemy combatants. But the Second Circuit found that this resolution “contains no language authorizing detention.”” wonders how Mr. Hentoff defines the phrasing in the law established by Congress in response to 9/11 gving the President authority to perform “any and all action” to secure our nation.

I fear that Mr. Hentof’s knee jerking is taking on proportions similar only to one other group; The far left. What about ‘we are under attack’ do you not understand, Mr. Hentoff? Chancellor Bethmann-Hollweg will help?

Perhaps the words of Gentlemen, we are now in a state of necessity, and necessity knows no law –

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