“Citing national security concerns, Deputy U.S. Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz issued a memorandum saying prime rebuilding contracts will be limited to firms from nations that supplied forces for the U.S.-led coalition or declared their support for the ouster of Saddam Hussein.”

So says a report in Canada’s National Post for today.

“John Manley, the Deputy Prime Minister, said Canada may have to rethink the financial contribution that it has already pledged for the rebuilding of Iraq as a result of the U.S. decision.”

That would be one of the more stupid things he’s done, in a career filled with them.

“Mr. Manley said the Pentagon statement was “quite shocking.””

Sorry, John. Actions have consequenses.
You knew up front what these would be. The Bush administration said publicly and repeatedly, — before, during and after the war — that nations that opposed the invasion would be forbidden from bidding on the more lucrative reconstruction contracts. To complain about it now is bogus.

The actions of Canada, specificly it’s liberal party leadership, has brought them to this pass.  You weren’t interested in helping us, and in fact you and your party sewed the seeds of hatred against the US with your public statements, under the guise of ‘good government’. And now, you want a peice of the action when there’s money to be made?

How very typical of you, John. You’re not off to a very good start, there, neighbor.

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