Users cling to old Microsoft operating systems | CNET

“Even though Microsoft said this week that it will stop distributing Windows 98 at the end of this month, a new study shows that a substantial number of businesses, both large and small, are still using it.

The study, released this week by technology consultant AssetMetrix, found that more than 80 percent of companies still have some machines using Windows 95 or Windows 98. Of those companies still using the older operating systems, an average of 39 percent of desktops were running either Windows 95 or Windows 98. “

There’s a couple of ways that this could be taken…
The first would be the one Microsoft will likely claim: That this is a mark of a good operating system, and that MS is suffering from it’s own dedication to quality.

However, there’s a little blip further on in the link that tels the real story:

“Windows XP, the most current version of Windows, was found on just 6.6 percent of the machines.”

Which tells me that the quality of the older work isn’t the issue… it’s what they’re tacking onto the newer work.

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