I usually don’t bother posting E-mails to this page. This, however is an exception. I consider that exception worth it, because it rather clearly demonstrates something I’ve written about before.

Be warned… it’s about what you’d expect from High-minded Democrats. (Pun intended)

[email protected] writes:

you ignorant fool! its shit for brains like you that make me howl with laughter as year after year you vote in direct opposition to your self-interest because you dont have the brains of an imbecile…how does it feel to have your hero’s shit all over you and the rest of you morons as they laugh at you behing your backs. you and those like you should be
given the chance to explain your reasons for why you support the bible-thumping pieces of shit that are destroying our country…just so those of us with an IQ higher than our shoe size can at least have a laugh as you ignorant fools allow the evil republican bastards destroy our once great nation. i wish all of you pieces of human excrement would contract a virus similar to aids, but spread not by anal sex but by anal brains. congratulations, moron. soon the entire country will be anti-democratic…it wont bother guys like me — smart, educated, urban elites as we keep getting richer. its you bumbling idiots that spend halfyour lives eating spam and the other half listening to fools like rush and hannity that will be the ones who suffer. and you deserve it. so, in a few years when the human filth like you that dont have as much intelligence in your entire inbred family as mrs. clinton has in her left tit are made to lick the toilets of the rich (like most liberals) you will have your own stupidity to blame. your too ignorant to understand anyway…..keep wacking off to that ugly slut ann coulter while you and your toothless inbred family collects welfare while your peice of shit lying scumbag squatter president keeps giving guys like me more of your money!!!!ha,ha,ha. wish that filth like you would leave this country while you elect morons that pass laws renaming fried potatos becaue that is the level of their effectiveness. have a nice, poor, hateful, small, little, health-insuranceless life!!!

Apparently, he wasn’t done, yet… this came in the very next package…

down deep, i mean really deep, you guys that obsess about clinton wish you could blow him, dont you? come on, you can tell me. you want bubba to bend you over and fuck the shit out of you,huh? and your ugly wife wants hillary doesnt she? just a little? she wishes bill would let her suck his cock doesnt she? does that bother you, shithead? dont worry, bill has enough for both of you stupid piece of shit. ha ha ha

Well, thank you, David!
You’ve provided an excellent example of light and love, the Democrats have developed into, to say nothing of how brainy.

And you wonder why they’re in such trouble with the voters, I’ve no doubt.  Perhaps some of my readers will write you to provide you their own views, though personally, I tend to doubt it. They’ll likely figure you’re not worth the bother, being unable to understand anything beyond four letters.

In any event, I’m sure my readers will have you in mind come election day. And of the look on your face the day after.

This is the quality of people supporting Democrats, folks.  Amazing that this guy can dress himself, isn’t it?
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