– The Country’s Most Segregated Cities:

According to BET, they are:

10. Philadelphia
9. Chicago
8. New York City
7. Buffalo-Niagra Falls, N.Y.
6. Cincinnati
5. Newark, N.J.
4. St. Louis
3. Cleveland-Lorain-Elyria, Ohio
2. Detroit
1. Milwaukee-Waukesha, Wis.”

Black Entertainment Television (BET) goes on, on their site to whine:

Why are we still separating ourselves? Shouldn’t we be able to live, work, go to school and church together? Tell us what you think.

OK, three points;

First notice none of them are southern towns.

Second, all of them are Democrat dominated.

Third, let’s not whine about ‘racial seperation’ until we see an end to BET, the very purpose of which is to deepen and to exploit the very cultural seperation they claim they’re decrying, here.

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