Boortz this morning:

“Now .. here’s the part I don’t want you to read.  It’s about a particular type of torture that American officials have discovered was used by Saddam’s goons in Iraq.  It’s all very simple, really.  You get a piece of PVC piping .. say two inches in diameter.  You wedge a piece of cheese into the end of this pipe .. and Saddam’s agents would take that PVC pipe, have their victim’s pants removed, and then shove that pipe where the sun doesn’t shine.  Then they would insert small rats into the open end of the pipe.  The rats would eat through the cheese … and keep right on going.  In other words, the rats would start eating Saddam’s victims from the inside.  This would continue until the poor SOB died of blood loss from internal bleeding.

There .. I told you not to read it.  But just in case you’re not much for following instructions and read it anyway .. this is the man that Howard Dean wishes was still in power in Iraq.  No … don’t give me any flack on that statement.  If Dean was opposed to the action that ousted Saddam .. then that means he necessarily wishes Saddam was still in power.  Sorry, Deanie Babies.  You can’t have it both ways.  Dean is sure he wants Bush out of power .. but he says it only ‘might’ be a good thing that Saddam has been captured.  Oh .. and ditto for many libertarians, I’m sorry to say.”

I can’t argue with any of this. I have many disagreements with Boortz, as longtime readers of this Blog will know. But flashes of brilliance like this is why he’s on my daily reading routine, and should be on yours.

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