The Volokh Conspiracy has some comments on the Bush immigration announcement today.  I’ve not fully formed an opinion on this one, yet.

“The key plank is to give illegal workers a three or possibly six-year temporary visa if they step forward with an [illegal] job in hand. When the temporary visa expires, then they have to leave the country. In the meantime they could apply for a greencard, although they would not receive preferential treatment.”

Reasonable. The thing getting addressed here is the *undocumented* illegals, which in terms of security is the biggest problem. Granted that some questionable messages get sent, but now we have a better idea of who’s here. The strategy, at least on that level, and vis’a’vie national security, is sound. I haven’t read the press releases yet…(there’s quite a few) but this is not looking overly bad, security wise. More comments as I learn more.

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