I’m prepareing this site to be moved to a commerical host. As such I’m trying to trim the un-needed bandwidth a bit. An easy way to deal with that is not to display a whole month of posts each time I get hit. I’ve made changes in the archive structure for one week intervals, and changed the main display to scroll ten (10) days worth. That should help with the bandwidth.

One problem with those settings, of course is it’ll be a bit harder to find stuff.
Fear not; (grin) I’ll be adding a search engine pretty soon… in the next day or two. Likely, it’ll be Google. Atually, I tend to prefer Alta-Vista for a lot of seearch times, and tend to alternate between them. But for this site, Google will likely be the best and most up to date, since Google owns Blogspot. (Shrug)

I’ll keep you posted.

Update: I’ve moved it back for now; the transition wasn’t a smooth one. It quote the Pope, it is as it was.

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