is reporting this morning that:

“BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — U.S. forces operating in the so-called Sunni Triangle — the region of Iraq most loyal to captured former dictator Saddam Hussein — found a significant weapons cache that included al Qaeda literature and videotapes, the U.S. military said Tuesday. “

AHA! So, now we know. I wonder if we’re going to see arguments about this from the left again, about how there’s no linkage?

Oh, by the way, at the second levels of this story is info that’s coming out about Saddam’s activity…

Allawi said Saddam admitted he invested stolen Iraqi money — which the Iraq Governing Council estimates at $40 billion — in Switzerland, Japan and Germany, among others, under fictitious company names.

So, then here’s the story; Germany objects to the action against Iraq because of the financial impact on Germany… all those billions of stolen Iraqi money being frozen would certainly cause issues in the German economy, eh?

I notice the CNN story is very scrupulous about not mentioning that France was on that list.
According to other sources, though, they are indeed among the places Saddam invested billions.

I keep saying; all this stuff is going to come out eventually…

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