MOOREWATCH : poses an interesting question:

“Suppose a new political party were to emerge in time for the 2004 elections. Its platform espouses the following beliefs.

All unearned income, such as that derived through capitalism and other speculative enterprises, would be abolished. All income would be based upon work. No more would corporate fatcat CEOs be paid millions of dollars a year while their laborer employees make virtuallly nothing.

Any and all profits that global corporations make from the Iraq war will be confiscated and placed into public projects, like education and health care.

All public utilities will be run by the government. No more will energy speculators and corporations be able to manipulate prices for their own greedy ends.

Social Security benefits will be greatly expanded.

To promote a sound middle class, housing will be provided to those citizens who require it, and special consideration will be given to small businesses when government contracts are awarded.

Those people who break the law and work against the public good will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

All education, including higher education, will be paid for by the government.

The government will provide health care to all citizens at no cost to the individual. This will include programs to promote general fitness and wellness.

All religious beliefs should be tolerated and encouraged, provided they do not interfere with the secular nature of the state.

To implement these programs will require a strong degree of oversight by the federal government.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Most of these points have been brought up by Michael Moore a multitude of times.

So, ask yourself this question: if a party with this platform fielded a candidate in the 2004 presidential election, would you vote for him?

If you said yes, Congratulations! You just voted for Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Since a lot of people obviously don’t get the point of this post, allow me to spell it out for you. Ever since Bush took office we have been barraged with “Bush = Hitler” signs, comparisons between conservatism and Nazism, comparisons between the Iraq war and the Nazi holocaust, and so on. What this post shows is that the core Nazi beliefs are a lot closer to modern day liberal ideology than anything being proffered by the conservative right.

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