Concealed Carry Bill Passes in Ohio — 01/08/2004:

“( – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is urging Ohio Gov. Bob Taft to quickly sign a bill that will allow law-abiding Ohio citizens to carry concealed firearms for their own protection.

After much back-and-forth, the Ohio Legislature finally passed the concealed carry bill on Wednesday. People wishing to carry concealed weapons would have to apply for a permit, pay a fee, and undergo background checks and gun training.
CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb noted that Gov. Taft campaigned on a promise to sign concealed-carry legislation, and then found various excuses not to back such a bill. Now that the Legislature has satisfied the governor’s concerns, ‘it’s time for Taft to keep his word,’ Gottlieb said in a press release.”


Mr. Taft, it’s time to get off your butt, and really DO something for crime prevention. Sign the Bill into law.

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