I’m thinking it was partially the problem. Bootrz points out today:

“By the way … has anyone bothered to ask what this all means for Al Gore?  Al throws his support behind Dean, and it’s a sleigh ride to poll hell from there.  Who would want the endorsement from a man who couldn’t carry his home state in a presidential election anyway?”

The boy’s got a point. It can’t be denied that once Gore and for that matter Harkin stood up with him, that Dean started down the long slide. 

And, speaking of Harkin, was it just last June that I blogged about Harkin trying to pull rank on people waiting in line at an airport security checkpoint? One of my first blogging efforts, that. I’d forgotten all about it until last night.

I linked, at the time to Lloyd Grove in the Washington Shaft….

(The changed look in the Blog will give you an indication of how far this blog has come in 6 months!)

Addendum, 13:00hrs: It should also perhaps be pointed out that Lieberman, the other half of the Losers, didn’t fare too well either. For all that Dean’s more vocal supporters scream about Dean being the outsider, and complain that Dean’s defeat signals a lean toward Democrat business as usual, let’s face it; Dean looked and looks, for all the world, like a Democrat insider. Associating with the party’s biggest losers may have irreparably hurt his chances at being nominated.

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