I generally don’t bother posting NYT articles, for a few reasons… their demands we ‘register’ is one such. As a rule I won’t link to anything that isn’t in the clear; I figure there’s no reason inthe world for it NOT to be,and so refuse to give anyone who demands such ‘registration’ the hits. That, and in the case of the NYT, I don’t want them getting the hits anyway.

So, if you’ve not bowed to their deamnds and signed up for the NYT, don’t bother doing it here, for Dowd’s latest anti-Bush screed.

Vodka Pundit has the column covered, and debunks it pretty completely. Worth a read.

Ya know, every time I read a Dowd column, I’m forced by her scribbling to recall she works for the paper of Jayson Blair… and it all fits, at that point. she’s simply doing what her Boss wants: Work to remove George W Bush form the White House. Lie if you have to, twist if you have to, but get rid of the Republicans.

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