Yes, I know, I normally don’t link the NYT, for seveal reasons.
This time, though, there’sa reason. When even THEY admit things like this….

Dean Starts Watching His Words:

“BURLINGTON, Vt., Jan. 7 — With a wary eye on Gen. Wesley K. Clark’s rise in national and New Hampshire polls, Howard Dean’s campaign has begun to limit his availability to the press, and the candidate himself is watching his words after several recent statements unleashed a storm of criticism from opponents.

Dr. Dean, who has spent two years campaigning as the candidate willing to say what he thinks, initially told reporters that he would be ‘happy’ to discuss his tax policy. Then, as aides glared at him, he immediately said a senior adviser had ‘veto power’ over what he would say.”

So, who is going to have the veto power if this idiot gets elected?

Here’s the thing; Dean’s in trouble because he’s getting the press coverage. Not that the press coverage isn’t freindly; it always is to liberal Democrats. But there’s only so far one can “positive spin” morons like Dean. Weasley Clark, meanwhile, hasn’t been getting much press coverage, so his gaffes… and yes, Virginia, they do exist… have not had the exposure as yet. They will, however… particualrly his earlier statements… which while not heavily covered, are on record, and will becomes bones of contention as Dean seeks to redeem himself, by attacking Clark.

And all President Bush has to do is be President, and stand back and watch these two kill each other off.

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