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One of the biggest arguments over the last few years, on the opinion pages and on Usenet, and more recently in the Blog responders, tends to pop up when the name of Hitler is invoked as a standard for comparison. The usual leftist mantra runs that when we compare (insert Hillary here) to Hitler, ala “Hitlery”, it’s a sure sign that the person doing such comparisons is running out of valid points, and has certainly lost both the argument and any credibility inside or outside of said discussion.

So here comes The George Soros hit squad called MOVEON, with it’s recent competition, wherein they posted ads from their followers making exactly that comparison.

MOVEON, of course is swearing they didn’t know, they’re not responsible, they regret not having caught the ads before they made it to the site, and so on. MoveOn.org spokesman Trevor Fitzgibbon said, “we had no idea the Hitler thing even existed.”

So, what rock have you been living under, Trevor? Have you even been reading the output of your rank and file supporters? Have you even been actually reading your own website?

A look in alt.politics will give you the clue… Even a shallow search of Google’s Usenet portal displays hundreds of thousands of posts and their replies, most going back years. A similar search on the web pages shows an even larger number of hits. I find it hard to fathom that a group of people so centered on the net wouldn’t know this kind of non-thinking was out there. Sorry, this innocent act doesn’t wash. This is Soros driving this.

If you think Hitler comparison is not part and parcel of the Democrats and their political smear campaign, ask yourself a question: Which one of the nine wannabees will stand up and speak out against the trend that’s been noted here?

None, I expect. We’ve not seen them do so yet, and I doubt there will be any. No, the silence on this one will remain. The reason for their silence is clear enough; They think they benefit from it, or at the least, they think denouncing these tactics will harm them with the core Democrat voter.

OK, admittedly, those are just the leaders of the party, and may not reflect the views of the Democrat rank and file. So, lets test that aspect, by asking a similar question.

Where are the Democrat rank and file speaking out on the news channels, and in the public forums? Where are the letters of protest? There are few; because so many of them don’t disagree with the portrayal of Bush as worse than Hitler. And more, is it just a relative few who are generating all this internet traffic making this absurd comparison?

No, the silence on this one from the Democrat rank and file, too, will remain.  This collective silence from the whole of the Democrat party speaks volumes, I think.

I’ve brought these points up in various discussion groups over the last few days, and have been told on a few occasions that I’m letting a few radicals define the Democrat party.  Aside from balking at the phrase ‘a few’. let me submit that leftist radicalism IS the Democrat party of today.

The argument is easy to make and hard to defeat, because words mean things. Allow me to point out that ‘radical’ is from words meaning, literally, “from the root’. I don’t think it can be denied that the ads under discussion here, are if nothing else, radical left, and given the definition of the word radical, they demonstrate clearly where the roots of the Democrat party are today.

Here’s a few examples of Democrat rank and file:




(Be forewarned, the last one is particularly weird.)

There are of course thousands more examples of this kind of Democrat hate, and proof of where it comes from.

But here’s the bottom line: Even if you assume MOVEON’s innocence in the matter…(a large unwarranted assumption, in my view) this incident still exposes what is driving the left. Sheer hatred, and nothing more, even by their own definitions. I’ve said this for years, for all the lip service they pay to ‘stopping hate’…with them it’s not that you hate, or not, but what you hate. This is not love of country driving these people, it’s hatred for it. This is desperation in search of a path back to power.

One can certainly understand their motivations, here. Consider their plight;

President Bush has Iraq fully in hand, and we now know where the WMD are, (Syria) that the left has been claiming Mr. Bush was lying about. Here’s the Blog entry I did a few days ago, containing lots of links to stories the left hopes you’ll never see.

The Afghan people have a new constitution, (another story you didn’t know about, thanks to our supposedly mainstream press) and the Taliban, what there is left of them, are on the run. Their supports removed, the PLO is no longer a major factor. Libya has fallen into line. Korea, as well.

On the domestic front, President Bush has managed to get a drug bill into law that the left has never been able to, even when they held power in all three branches, by a wider margin than the Republicans do today, indicating the success rates they’ll have at getting the job done when given more of a majority. Bush also has the Domestic economy flying high, the markets are sailing along as they have not done since Ronald Reagan was in office.

Look at the numbers for the last year:
DJIA +25.3%
S&P 500 +26.4%
Nasdaq +50.0%

Jobless rates are coming back down, pay is going up, productivity is also going up. The states are back out of the financial trouble they were in under Bill Clinton.

Speaking of which, the American public need not be concerned anymore about their president having the sexual behavior of the average stray terrier, humping every leg that comes by.

In the overall, respect for the office has now been reinstated, and Americans are feeling pretty good about their country.  As a result, the polls are continuing to show Mr. Bush with sky-high approval ratings, week on week on week.

All these trends are looking like they will continue to improve, with Bush at the helm.

Here’s the rub for the Democrats in all of this. In any election, the task set before anyone seeking to oust an incumbent, is to convince the voting public that moving away from the incumbent and his policies, are in the interests of that voting public, and the country as a whole. So, the Democrats are desperate because, bluntly, their task of explaining to the voter why replacing the man responsible for all this good news, is in their best interest, is getting ever more impossible, and frankly downright laughable. All the Democrats can offer is moves away from what is demonstrably working well. In short, they’re hoping the American voter is stupid.

But, from now on, when you hear about this MOVEON outrage, this Hitler/Bush being pushed by George Soros and tolerated by the Democrat leaders and agreed with by the Democrat rank and file, you need to think about this:

If we’re to take them at their word of just a few short Monica kneepad sessions ago, they’re telling us, they’re running out of options, and have certainly lost both the argument and any credibility inside or outside of said discussion.  And, they most certainly don’t deserve our vote.

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